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Fantastic Large and Smallmouth Bass

Newboro Lake provides some of the best bass fishing anywhere. Both large and smallmouth bass are plentiful.
About 70% of the bass caught are largemouth and about 30% are smallmouth. both reach weights of over 7 pounds, while 3, 4, and 5 pound fish are common. The Pike fishing is excellent though we don't see pike over 13 pounds. What  they lack in size they make up for in numbers.
Newboro Lake is one of the very few lakes in Canada with a fish sanctuary on it and is the only one with two. These protected areas and the catch and release practice of many of our guests results in amazingly stable and consistent fishing.
Newboro Lake has it all; from lily pads in the shallows, tree stumps, weedy areas, hundreds of islands, depths to over 100 feed and beautiful clear water limestone rock formations (which means acid rain is neutralized) its easy to see why fishermen have made this a favourite spot for well over 120 years.

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