Stirling Lodge            


Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your First Trip to Stirling Lodge

Q: What's the weather like?
A: Our temperatures average 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the Philadelphia area

Q: Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?
A: No. all of our rooms are fully stocked and have daily maid service, just like a hotel.

Q: Why are your rates in US dollars
A:We set our American Plan and marina rates in US dollars every January so that our guests know exactly what their trip will cost in advance and can plan for it. If we were to set the rates in Canadian dollars you would be left subject to the fluctuating exchange rate and could end up paying more than you thought you were going to for your trip.

Q: What does American Plan mean?
A: American plan meals that three meals per day are included with your room. We serve all our meals in our dining room, and our guests come in during flexible meal hours. We can also prepare a packed lunch ready for pick up at breakfast if you would like to stay out all day.

Q: I've never been on a fishing trip before. Do you have any guides?
A: We work with several great guides who we know to be friendly, accommodating and extremely good fishermen. We can arrange a memorable day with a guide for you on Newboro or nearby lakes. Contact our office staff for more information and current pricing, Or Click here for online information about our guides.

Q: I am diabetic/vegetarian/allergic. Will there be anything I can eat?
A: Our menu offers variety and a large selection to suit all tastes. Our cooks are very capable and happy to accommodate any allergy or dietary preference. Please let us know when you are booking and when you arrive to allow our staff time to prepare suitable options.

Q: My family can only do so much fishing. Will they be bored?
A: There's plenty to do in the area besides fishing. We have a pool, playground, billiard tables, air hockey tables, shuffle board, darts and more right here. And golfing, shopping, sightseeing, nature trails and more are but a few minutes away. Our office staff can provide more information on local attractions and nearby sights.

Q: My wife's not sure about fishing. Will she be comfortable on a boat all day?
A: Our boats are designed to be comfortable for long periods. Our island has proper working bathrooms and can provide a place to get out and stretch your legs for a while. We recommend wearing appropriate outdoors gear including layers and plenty of sunscreen. Of course for first-timers, bringing a good book never hurts either! There are plenty of good fishing spots right in Newboro lake, just minutes from the Lodge.

Q: Do I need to bring life jackets for my kids?
A: Our marina is fully stocked with all needed safety equipment and life jackets in all sizes. But for the most comfortable fit, bring your own if you have one.

Q: Is there a golf course nearby?
A: There are several very good golf courses in the area. The office staff would be happy to provide you with information, directions and set up a tee time for you.



Questions about packing and border travel

Q: Where are the best spots to fish?
A: Stirling Lodge is on Newboro Lake, which is connected to seven lakes. Detailed maps of the lake are available, and our Marina staff will be happy to tell you where the latest hot spots are.

Q: What am I likely to catch?
A: Our guests come for the great pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. In recent years the smallmouth bass have been coming in as big oas or bigger than the largemouth, and both are reaching up to and including 8lbs. Pike remains an exciting challenge and although not huge (up to 13lbs) they more than make up for it in quantity

Q: What do I need to get across the border?
A: As of June 1st 2009, everyone over the age of 16 will need a passport or passport card to re-enter the United States. More information on requirements and how to apply for these documents can be found at children under the age of 16 will need a birth certificate to travel across the border. On occasion, some groups have had delays at the border. This was usually related to the driver having a past DWI conviction and can result in the driver being denied entry into Canada and the entire carload having to turn around. Careful choice of your drivers may prevent this happening.

Q: What method of payments do you accept? Should I bring Canadian money?
A: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Traveler's cheques, person cheques, Canadian and American money. Guides prefer Canadian cash. Most businesses in the area accept American money, but we cannot guarantee what exchange rate they will give you. If you would like to carry Canadian cash while here, we would be happy to exchange your money for you at the exact current exchange rate and we can change it all back for you when you leave. Even coins!!

Q: How much alcohol can I bring across the border?
A: You are allowed to import only one of the following amounts of alcohol free of duty and taxes:

  • 1.5 litres (53 ounces) of wine;
  • 1.14 litres (40 ounces) of liquor;
  • a total of 1.14 litres (40 ounces) of wine and liquor; or
  • 24 355ml (12 ounces) cans or bottles (maximum of 8.5 litres) of beer or ale.